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Nikki Grahame: BB helped my weight

Ultimate Big Brother runner-up Nikki Grahame has revealed that her stint on the series has helped her to put on weight after years of battling with anorexia.

The housemate says she has added 5lb to her 5ft 1in frame and posed in her underwear to show off her new body for Now magazine.

Nikki, 28, said sitting around in the BB house without exercise - and eating biscuits during the series - helped her to put on weight.

She now weighs 6st 5lb but still fits into a tiny size four, although she says it has big impact on the way she looks.

She told the magazine: "I used to have the figure of an eight-year-old girl, but now I feel a lot more feminine. I haven't got protruding shoulder or hip bones any more and I've finally got a bottom.

Nikki said the weight gain came as a surprise.

"I didn't fixate on my weight, which I would've done had I been outside the house. I only noticed I was heavier when my jeans started to dig into my waist and became tight around my leg," she told the magazine, which is out on Tuesday.

"I couldn't believe it when I found out that I'd put on 5lb. That might not sound that much, but it was a lot for me and for someone who's so slight."


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