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No decision on Red or Black? return

ITV's programme boss has revealed he hasn't decided whether Simon Cowell's Red or Black? show will return to TV.

Peter Fincham, the network's director of television, said if it did come back he would like to see some changes.

The Ant and Dec-fronted show was screened last month, with each night's winner walking away with either £1 million or nothing after a 50-50 gamble.

The show was the subject of controversy when it emerged the first jackpot had gone to a contestant who had been jailed for a violent attack.

Several other contestants were removed from further shows after investigations into their backgrounds.

Asked whether the show would be back, Mr Fincham said "I haven't made that decision yet", according to MediaGuardian.

Speaking to an audience of advertisers, he said: "It is a big show - the sort of thing ITV should be doing on a Saturday night."

But he said he would "want to make some changes".

"I'm nearly there, but not quite ready yet," he added.


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