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No dream end for Miranda's Stevie

Miranda star Sarah Hadland has joked that her character, Stevie Sutton, won't get her fairytale ending on the show.

The 43-year-old actress, who plays Miranda's best friend in the BBC One comedy, admitted the storyline for the finale didn't quite go as she was hoping.

"(My dream) was to marry George Clooney but then he married this sort of stunning, top UN lawyer, super-human and it's really unfortunate," Sarah told Radio Times.

"I'd heard Clooney was coming over and doing Downton (Abbey), I thought, 'Perfect. He can pop over to the BBC and marry Stevie.' But no. Not available. Already married."

She continued: "Then of course Brad married Angelina, Ryan Gosling had a baby with Eva Mendes. The three guys I was lining up are all off the market so that kind of scuppered me really. There was no one else that I could possibility think of so that was a bit disappointing."

The first of two final episodes of the BBC One sitcom will air on Christmas Day, after the show's creator Miranda Hart announced she would be retiring her socially awkward alter-ego. The last edition will be shown on New Year's Day.

"I think she's written two really fantastic episode. There's a lot of drama, as well as lots of things that hopefully the fans will want to see," Sarah said, adding: "It's really hard not to say anything about what happens! But I think they are really great episodes."

She admitted there was a lot of crying as they wrapped the shoot.

"We were all very sad, including Miranda," she revealed.

"We did the second episode last night in front of a studio audience. It was extremely sad and there were a lot of tears. It was very, very emotional."


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