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No mere heir head?

By Eddie McFee

Celebrity socialite, aspiring actress and billionaire heiress are all different ways to describe 25-year-old Paris Hilton, but this year she's added another string to her bow.

Celebrity socialite, aspiring actress and billionaire heiress are all different ways to describe 25-year-old Paris Hilton, but this year she's added another string to her bow.

She has released an album, and guess what folks, it has surprised music writers worldwide by actually being pretty good.

Simply entitled Paris, the album has confounded critics by rocketing into Top 10s around the globe, and recent reggae-tinged single Stars Are Blind made us all think that maybe the self-confessed Barbie doll-come-to-life might actually make a proper career out of all this.

So, how does Ms Hilton feel about her latest incarnation?

"I think when people don't know it's me singing these songs, they won't judge it. But if they know it's me, then they'll be like, 'Ugh!' They probably won't even dance!"

With all the (sometimes deserved) negative publicity the socialite has recently received (including last week's arrest for drink driving), she can be forgiven for being slightly cautious when it comes to releasing her own music.

When you think of similar celebs who've tried and failed to make the jump into the music world (Posh Spice, anyone?), then Paris' odds didn't look so good.

But ever the canny self-promoter, she used to go to clubs and ask the DJ to play a copy of her then-unreleased album to judge reactions.

"People would go crazy when they heard it. They loved it. Everyone was like: 'Who is this?' I never told anyone it was me, though, because I didn't want someone putting their phone up and recording it and making a ringtone off of it. I'm really happy how it turned out. I, like, cry when I listen to it. It's that good!"

With plans already being hatched to unleash a second record (tentatively titled Daddy's Little Girl), it looks like there's no stopping the former star of Reality TV show The Simple Life. When all's said and done, though, it was probably The Simple Life that catapulted Paris and her former best-friend turned arch nemesis Nicole Ritchie to household name status.

While Paris came across as the slightly dumb but sweet rich girl, the heiress claims that the person we saw on our TV screens wasn't really her.

"I'm always playing a character," she says. "I don't talk like that really, I don't talk like a baby. I don't act like myself in public, because I don't really want to show everyone the real me. Because I have no privacy whatsoever, the only thing I have is who I really am."

Unfortunately for Hilton, thousands of, ahem, 'adult movie enthusiasts' got to see plenty of the "real her" a couple of years ago. Former boyfriend Rick Solomon decided to release home footage of her in various compromising situations and cheekily dubbed the amateur porn flick One Night In Paris. It made headlines worldwide and, of course, it was Paris who took most of the flak.

With all the unwelcome media attention that sometimes surrounds her, does she ever want to just give up and sit at home with her feet up in front of the telly?

"I don't really read anything said about me on the internet and I don't read any of the magazine articles either. I just look at the pictures to see what I was wearing last week and if it was cute. I've been going out and getting photographed since I was 16, so I'm sort of over it now."

In the past Paris has been linked with a string of famous boyfriends, among them Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter, actor Edward Furlong, MTV VJ Simon Rix, skateboarder Chad Muska and, up until recently, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III (though rumours persist of a recent reunion).

With her burgeoning career as a singer, actress, author, fashion designer, TV star and model, where does she find the time to fit in all the alleged men in her life?

"People think I sleep with everyone, but I'm not like that," she says.

"Every time I have a boyfriend, I'm just so romantic, and I'll put all my energy into the guy, and I don't really pay attention to myself. One-night stands are not for me. I think it's gross when you just 'give it up'."

With Paris recently declaring herself "the most iconic blonde of the decade", comparing herself to Marilyn Monroe, and Las Vegas dedicating August 29 2006 as 'Paris Hilton Day', what advice can the celebrity give to our female Sunday Life readers currently having similar men trouble?

"I like the way guys go crazy when they can't have sex with you," she says finally.

"If he can't have you, he stays interested. The moment he has you, he's gone."

£ Paris Hilton's new album 'Paris' is out now.


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