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No more children for Sarah Beeny

Sarah Beeny has revealed she won't be adding to her brood now she has four kids.

The TV presenter and property expert is mum to four little boys and laughed that her husband Graham Swift has "no more children in him".

She said: "My husband Graham says I have to have the rest of my children with my next husband. He's embraced contraception.

"There are no more children in him. He feels four is enough. When you see them running together, you do think, 'Yeah, that's a lot of boys'."

Sarah is the new face of a Cheerios campaign looking at the pressures mums face - and trying to empower them to say 'yes' more often.

But despite being the face of the campaign, she would never pretend to be an expert mother.

She laughed: "Parenting? I'm not great at it. I indulge my children a lot.

"The hardest thing is keeping them out of my bed. Some parents say their kids have never been near their bed, and that baffles me. I know I shouldn't let them in but it's that lovely feeling where you wake up and they're all warm and snugly and you just think, 'Oh well, it doesn't matter - they won't be there when they're 18!' Unless you have big problems.

"Maybe I'll return the favour when they're older - go and get into their bed with their girlfriends! I'm really looking forward to that!"

:: Sarah Beeny is supporting the Cheerios Easy Yes campaign to encourage mums to say 'yes' more often for all the right reasons. For more information, visit


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