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No more kids for Mariah Carey?

Mariah Carey has insisted she will not have any more children.

The singer and TV presenter husband Nick Cannon are already parents to two-year-old twins Monroe and Morocco, and Mariah reportedly revealed they won't be adding to their brood.

The 43-year-old was asked by a fan on US show Watch What Happens Live whether she would have another baby, and she joked: "If Nick could have the babies himself, then yeah, bring 'em on. We love kids."

The star also hinted that she didn't want to raise more children in the spotlight.

She went on: "Here's the thing: This is real. I'm responsible for the kids for like forever. I look at it like, they didn't ask for this lifestyle but here they are."

Mariah had a tough pregnancy, suffering from preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

She continued: "To anyone who has ever carried twins, it is a totally different experience... You don't even know who you are."

"I had a very difficult pregnancy, but I was alone most of the time. We love Nick, but he's working. He's the hardest-working man in show business."


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