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No Ofcom action after Jeremy Irons swears on Chris Evans' radio show

Chris Evans' breakfast radio show faces no further investigation from Ofcom after actor Jeremy Irons swore on the show.

The media watchdog said they consider the matter resolved, and both Evans and Irons apologised immediately following the incident.

Ofcom said: "After investigating this programme, Ofcom found the BBC took appropriate steps to limit offence to listeners. The guest and presenter apologised immediately after the swearing, and the presenter apologised again at the end of the item."

The broadcast regulator also said that BBC Radio 2 has taken steps to " improve its compliance procedures, to minimise the likelihood of a recurrence."

Irons appeared as a guest on the radio show in March, and while recounting a story about fellow actor John Hurt, he used the word "f*****" on air.

In its latest findings Ofcom also confirmed they would not be investigating ITV's Loose Women following complaints about a segment featuring Katie Price.

The watchdog received complaints about the sexual nature of the discussion on the talk show, after comments made by Price while the panel was talking about sex toys.

An Ofcom spokesman said: "We assessed a handful of complaints about the sexual nature of a discussion led by panellist Katie Price, but won't be taking the matter forward for investigation.

"We considered this light-hearted and generally inexplicit conversation was broadly in keeping with the expectations of the likely audience."


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