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No script for Gogglebox couple


June and Leon Bernicoff say Gogglebox isn't scripted

June and Leon Bernicoff say Gogglebox isn't scripted

June and Leon Bernicoff say Gogglebox isn't scripted

Gogglebox stars June and Leon Bernicoff have insisted that the Channel 4 reality show is not scripted.

The retired couple are regulars on the hit show which follows people's reactions to TV programmes as they watch them, but some have suggested their witty one-liners could be scripted by TV bosses.

June told the Radio Times: "It's been suggested that the show is scripted - believe me, if you knew Leon you'd know that just isn't possible. If they asked him to say something, he'd say the opposite."

Leon admitted his comments sometimes got him into trouble: "My daughter isn't always pleased. She doesn't like it when I'm rude. You know the one when I mentioned June's knicks? She didn't like that."

He added: "I sometimes say things [I'm not comfortable with], but generally June gets them cut out if they upset her. She'll say, 'Don't put that in'."

June said that she had had doubts about letting the nation see her living room each week, but said: "To be honest I didn't think it would take off. It seemed such a simple idea - who wants to watch people watching TV? I'm amazed."

The couple said they were sad to hear Sir Bruce Forsyth was retiring from Strictly Come Dancing, but Leon had an idea for a replacement.

Asked whether he'd present the BBC dancing contest, he said: "I'd love to! I'm not a bad dancer."

June interrupted wth "dreadful," but he replied: "Oh, shut up June. I'm not bad at all. We were members of the Cavern in Liverpool in the 1950s, when it was traditional jazz and skiffle."