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No Twitter account for Phillips

Sally Phillips has told how someone created a fake Twitter account pretending to be her.

The Smack The Pony star had "no idea" somebody was posing as her on the internet - and that the imposter was even sharing photos of Sally's children.

"I'm glad I didn't see the posts because apparently they were quite weird. Scarily, they'd been tweeting photos of my kids from my Facebook page," said the 43-year-old, who stars in new TV show Crackanory.

"My brother had been following 'Twitter me' but never mentioned it, as he thought the posts were a bit strange!"

When a tweet saying Sally had a broken leg resulted in her agent getting a call to check if she was OK, Sally asked pal Miranda Hart to alert her many followers that the profile was fake.

The star said she won't be creating a real account any time soon: "I waste so much time on the internet anyway, I've decided to keep off it for fear of flushing all my free time down the toilet."

Sally's new TV outing, Crackanory, has been billed as a "Jackanory for grown-ups" which will feature part live-action, part-animated tales, written by comedy writers and performed by celebrities.

The star, who has three sons, revealed that as she has spent years honing her bedtime storytelling technique, she fancied giving her skills a spin at work. Sally also revealed that storytelling was very much a part of her childhood as her father " used to ask us for 'ingredients' for our bedtime stories, and would then make up a story that included them".

She laughed: "One of my brothers once insisted that a horse's bottom featured, and my dad had a witch turn me into a horse's bottom. My brothers laughed about that bedtime story event for about 10 years and called me 'Horse Bottom' until I was at least 16, especially if I had a boyfriend nearby."

:: Crackanory starts on Dave on Wednesday, November 13.


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