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Nolan Show listener figures 'nosedive', jokes BBC producer Vinny Hurrell

'Can you still say you are the biggest show in the country because I hear that's now Stephen Clements'


Posted by The Stephen Nolan Show on Thursday, 4 February 2016

Does Stephen Nolan still have the biggest show in the country? Well his producer doesn't seem to think so as he joked that the popular morning BBC show's listener figures had taken a "nosedive" in an online video.

In a Facebook Live video broadcast post-show, producer Vinny Hurrell and Stephen Nolan were seen joking around and putting shaving foam on each other's faces.

Referencing the recent high profile sacking of former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson following a spat with a producer - Vinny said that he would get his lawyer on to Nolan for having put the foam on his face.

To which Nolan quipped: "As usual with your shows there is no-one responding or watching."

The pair then enter a debate over the Rajar radio listening figures, which were released to the broadcast industry today, to which Nolan quickly claimed that the listeners on Vinny's Monday night Radio Ulster programme had gone down.

But he then challenges Nolan on his figures, to which the BBC presenter replies: "I think you'll find I'm the biggest show in the country".

But when probed further, Nolan states that he thinks his figures have increased.

To which Vinny replies: "No I don't think so, nosediving. Can you still say you are the biggest show in the country because I hear that's now Stephen Clements."

A shocked Nolan tells Vinny to watch what he says: "There's a headline for the Belfast Telegraph, 'Nolan show producer says his show is nosediving'. You need to be a little more literate and watch what you say."

Thanks, Stephen!

The Belfast Telegraph requested the shows' listening figures from the BBC and received the following statement.

A BBC Northern Ireland spokesperson said: “BBC Northern Ireland is always reviewing how we best communicate our RAJAR figures to ensure we do it in the most robust, accurate and meaningful way.

"On this basis, we continue to release station figures for BBC Radio Ulster and cumulative figures for opt out programming on BBC Radio Foyle.”

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