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Norris drawn to Christie character

Hermione Norris has revealed she was attracted to her Agatha Christie character's "irreverence".

The Cold Feet and Spooks actress stars as Evelyn Hillingdon in the TV adaptation of Agatha Christie's Marple tale, A Caribbean Mystery - a woman who is the embodiment of upper-class British reserve and, despite appearances, is struggling with many dark secrets.

"Yes, yet again I play that character," said Hermione. "To be honest, I saw the script and just loved Evelyn. She's so wicked when she says, 'Old men are so ugly, they should all be put to death at 40'. I loved her irreverence."

Evelyn is also, viewers are led to believe, tormented by a family scandal that occurred during her childhood.

The actress said: "That's why she wants to protect her children at any cost. It's tragic really. I feel for women of that generation; so stuck, it makes you feel sick."

Robert Webb, Oliver Ford Davies and Antony Sher are among those who appear in A Caribbean Mystery.

"The books are legendary," said Hermione. "They're part of our British fabric."

The 46-year-old has appeared in a Christie tale before, in an episode of Poirot in 1993.

"Please don't see it, it's embarrassing," she laughed. "That's one of the hazards of being an actor, it's like getting out your old photo album - except it's plastered everywhere."

:: Agatha Christie's Marple: A Caribbean Mystery is on ITV1 tonight (June 16).


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