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Northern Ireland actor Niamh McGrady lashes out at late 30s but still attractive casting call

Niamh McGrady
Niamh McGrady
Niamh McGrady as PC Danielle Ferrington in The Fall (C) BBC - Photographer: Helen Sloan
Niamh McGrady as PC Danielle Ferrington in The Fall (C) BBC - Photographer: Helen Sloan
Niamh McGrady in Holby City

Holby City star Niamh McGrady has lashed out at an "ageist" commercial casting call, which invited women in their "late 30s, still attractive".

McGrady, from Castlewellan, posted a video on Twitter about the breakdown as she walked through a busy Carnaby Street in London.

"Still attractive in her late 30s? What the f*** is she doing? Drinking unicorn tears? She still looks good in her late 30s?!" mocked McGrady.

The 36-year-old expressed disappointment that the language used "has become so normalised".

"I just think what have we been doing? Have we not been having #MeToo, have we not been having 50/50, equal representation for actresses? Why is it still acceptable to be that kind of ageist?

"I just find it really insulting because on a serious note, it's feeding into this idea that after 40, women are on the scrap heap. I really think we can do better than this, guys."

Speaking to U105's phone in on Friday morning, the Holby City star said that male actors are not subject to the same kind of discrimination and voiced concern over the underrepresentation of women over 40 on television.

"For women in the industry, what happens is, once you become a mum, it's some sort of miracle that you could still be somehow attractive," she said.

The Co Down actress has received overwhelming support from others in the industry, including from her The Fall co-star Bronagh Waugh and Fay Ripley, who stars alongside James Nesbitt in Cold Feet.

When if she thought she might have shot herself in the foot by calling out this kind of behaviour, McGrady said that she was happy she was speaking out.

"I feel so strongly about it, if I never work again, so be it. I want to be part of an industry that I can be proud of. Things like this make me not proud of it and I want to be proud of it."

McGrady said 2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for her as she has several things in the pipeline.

Niamh McGrady will be "ranting again" when she appears on UTV's Eamonn Mallie: Face to Face on Tuesday.

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