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Northern Ireland singer Donna Taggart closes in on 70 million Facebook views

One of Northern Ireland's most renowned songwriters has praised the talents of a Tyrone woman after she became a global sensation racking up nearly 70 million views of one of her songs.

Phil Coulter heaped praise on Donna Taggart after her version of the Jenn Bostic song Jealous of the Angels became a global sensation.

After having released the track in August on social media it has been viewed an incredible 66 million times.

Earlier this year her popularity propelled her to the top of the US album charts with her Celtic Lady Vol 2 record.

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Donna believes the reason the song has become so popular is that the lyrics of the song resonate with people. American Bostic wrote the song after the death of her father.

Derry musician Phil Coulter said he was blown away by the success of the mum-of-two.

"Phenomenal is a word which is overused in the music business. But the only way to describe what has happened to Donna is a phenomenon," Coulter told the BBC.

So enthralled was Coulter with Donna's singing he invited her to take part in one of her shows.

"And they lapped it up," he added.

"Talent only buys you into the game.

"It is a combination of talent and hard work and application," he said.

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