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Northern Ireland woman jets off for ITV's Love Island

A Northern Ireland woman is set to land on ITV 2's popular reality show Love Island.

Tyrone woman Sinead Hegarty is one of eight new islanders for the show.

Dating reality programme Love Island puts a host of singles on a paradise setting in the hope they can capture the viewing public's hearts in an attempt to walk off into the sunset with a huge cash prize - and potentially a soul mate.

The 23-year-old from Castlederg, the show's publicity material said, has been single for a year and rarely dates.

The club hostess described her type as a baby-faced boy like Justin Bieber, but on the Island she’d like to find a man who can take control of their relationship.

Her turn-offs are laziness and a lack of confidence. 

Sinead describes herself as extremely competitive: “I need to be number one.”

Love Island is billed as the "ultimate game of love"

Single people jet off to the sun hoping for a summer of passion and romance all set on an idyllic island.

Contestants live like celebrities in a beautiful villa all under the watchful gaze of ITV2 viewers.

But all is not plain sailing in paradise as viewers get the chance to chose who stays on the show and who goes.

The show has already courted controversy after contestant Zara Holland was stripped of her Miss GB title for her antics.


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