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Now Jim Carrey is sued by mum of his former girlfriend

By David Mercer

The mother of Jim Carrey’s Irish ex-girlfriend Cathriona White is suing the actor for wrongful death, less than a month after Ms White’s estranged husband filed a similar lawsuit.

Brigid Sweetman said Carrey should be “ashamed” of his treatment of her daughter over claims he illegally provided the Tipperary make-up artist with prescription drugs involved in her suicide.

Ms Sweetman also repeats allegations made by Ms White’s husband Mark Burton that the actor gave her daughter three sexually transmitted diseases before her death in September last year.

Lawyers for the Hollywood star have previously said the allegations are “bogus” and “categorically disputed”.

In a statement, Ms Sweetman said: “Jim Carrey should be ashamed of what he did to my daughter.”


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