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Now Mexicans offer to ride to aid of cowboy

By Lise Hand

The increasingly bizarre debate over Garth Brooks' Dublin concerts yesterday threatened to drag in everyone from the US President to the Mexican Ambassador to Ireland.

At one stage Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke suggested residents around Croke Park in favour of the shows were seeking an approach to Barack Obama to try to break the impasse.

But the White House politely batted away any suggestion of such high-level intervention. "This is an issue we'll leave to Mr Brooks and the city of Dublin to resolve," said a US embassy spokesperson.

Amid the Mexican stand-off between city planners, Brooks' promoters and residents, it almost seemed appropriate for the Mexican ambassador to throw his sombrero into the ring.

He told Mr Burke when he met him at Dublin's Mansion House yesterday that he would offer his diplomatic skills if needed.

But when the issue was raised in the Dail, Speaker Sean Barrett tried to restore some dignity to affairs adding: "Please refrain from making a joke of the whole thing."

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