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O'Dowd: Dawn's making me quit fags

Chris O'Dowd has revealed girlfriend Dawn Porter wants him to quit smoking in 2012.

The Irish comedian and actor revealed his new year's resolution was to give up cigarettes, but he was under pressure from the TV presenter.

Chris said: "I'm going to try to give up smoking this year, and I'm going to do the whole gambit.

"I had dinner with Derren Brown the other night and I'm gonna get him to hypnotise me, I'm gonna try everything. The patches, I'm going to chew the patches!"

The IT Crowd star added: "And for the record I don't want to give up, there's a lady in my life who feels I should."

The Bridesmaids star will appear in This Is Forty, the sequel to Knocked-Up in 2012 with Megan Fox and Paul Rudd.


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