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O'Grady: I've become such a softie

Paul O'Grady can't believe he's turned into such a softie when it comes to animals.

The 59-year-old star - who rose to fame as his razor-tongue drag alter-ego Lily Savage before getting his own chat show - visited Battersea Dog And Cats Home for his series For The Love Of Dogs.

Paul revealed: "I thought, 'When did I turn into Catherine Tate's [comedy character] Nan?' I go in the kennels going, 'How are you sweetheart?' I've never called anyone sweetheart! So I realise I go completely soft."

He added: "It's deadly in there. You go, 'No, I'm not going to get fond of anything', and of course you can't help it. I should have aversion therapy and turn into Cruella De Vil!"

Animal-lover Paul lives on a farm in Kent with his nine sheep, six pigs, six chickens, five barn owls, four dogs, two goats (along with a wild pheasant named Archie who's taken to living with them) and a one-legged crow.

He said: "I say no more and then someone turns up with an orphan lamb and I think, 'The farmers don't have time to bottle feed a lamb every two hours, so I'll take it' and the next thing you've bonded. But it's impossible not to bond with a lamb...

"I've got the best [of both worlds] because I can enjoy it in London and then go down to the farm and sit with an owl on my shoulder."

:: For The Love Of Dogs is back for another series on ITV on Thursdays at 8.30pm.


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