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O'Grady: Reality TV acts 'sissies'

Paul O'Grady has slammed reality TV contestants for being cry babies.

The For The Love Of Dogs presenter told The Sun he'd had enough of seeing hopeful acts on Britain's Got Talent and The Voice take rejection badly.

He said: "I get so annoyed as they are crying over nothing. It's a competition. Stop standing there whinging, it's pathetic. Toughen up.

"Just because Tom Jones has said, 'You have a nice enough voice but you aren't for me', don't burst into tears. Get over yourself. They aren't even cruel on The Voice, they are really gentle and the most respectful judges I've ever seen."

Lily Savage star Paul has often been mentioned as a natural successor to Sir Bruce Forsyth when he retires from Strictly Come Dancing.

But Paul said the job didn't interest him: "I'm constantly being asked if I will take over from Brucie.

"I would rather do something new, otherwise there are always comparisons. It's a poisoned chalice."

He has recently signed up to film 25 chat shows, each an hour long, for ITV to be shown at teatime and reckons he was talked into it by a taxi driver.

He said: "The cabbie said he wanted to watch something safe with his kids, which seems to be a familiar cry."

Paul's second series of For The Love Of Dogs began on ITV recently and he is backing a Pedigree campaign to provide one million meals to dogs in rehoming centres.


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