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O'Grady rehomes dogs with celebs

Paul O'Grady has said he loves his dog rescue show so much that he's taken to rehoming the animals himself with his celeb pals.

The For The Love Of Dogs presenter admitted he gets so attached to the dogs he meets that he can't help finding new owners for them.

He said: "I had to be frisked every day when I was leaving in case I was trying to take a dog and had a puppy in my coat or something!

"Oh, I'm terrible, I'm always saying to people, 'I've found this lovely dog for you.' My mate Amanda Mealing, she happened to say dead casually, 'I wouldn't mind a dog for the boys.' She was dragged down, she went home with a lovely little white Staffie called Molly."

Paul admitted he wasn't immune to the charms of the dogs himself.

He said: "I took one home in the end, I took a dog home with me. I cracked, I took a Jackhuahua, a Jack Russell Chihuahua cross, because I helped hand rear him and after you've done that you think, 'Well I can't just let you go'."

The comedian got so involved with helping rescue dogs that he is now fronting a campaign to provide meals for them through Pedigree's Buy One, Feed One scheme, where pet owners who buy special packs of Pedigree food will have a meal donated for a dog at a rescue centre on their behalf for every pack bought.

He said: "Anything to help rescue dogs, I'll do my bit. Times are so hard for rescue centres, they're filling up because people can't afford to feed their dogs. A responsible owner would bring the dog in, an irresponsible one would just dump it in the street or in the park, or even worse do something evil."

:: Paul O'Grady is supporting Pedigree's Buy One, Feed One initiative to make the largest ever donation of food to rescue dogs. See for more information.


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