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O'Grady splashes out to save dog

Paul O'Grady has revealed he would pay any price to save his pet pooch from cancer.

The chat show host told The Sun he has already spent £8,000 on treatment after Cairn Terrier Olga was diagnosed and said no price is too high to keep his beloved dog alive.

Olga was diagnosed with cancer in November and given just 18 months to live. The news came just four years after his beloved dog Buster died of the same disease. Paul refused to listen to vets' advise to have Olga put down and is investing in an intensive course of chemotherapy.

Paul, who has had two heart attacks and 12 stent operations to keep his blood flowing, revealed: "She has had her kidney out and is now on chemo.

"Her operation cost twice as much as it did to give me a stent - it was £8,000.

"But I don't care what it costs as I would sell my house to pay for it."

And Paul, 58, revealed it had been well worth it as Olga - who has been appearing on his show since 2006 - is "flying around at the moment like a puppy".


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