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O'Grady thought Bacall was smashing

Paul O'Grady has said he is looking forward to meeting a new crop of famous guests when his chat show returns.

The For The Love Of Dogs presenter is bringing his chat show back for five weeks near Christmas, around the same time as he will be filming a festive special of his dog show at Battersea.

He said: "Five weeks will do me. I've got Battersea on as well so I'll keep it nice and short. I'm back again with it in the new year."

The star said he had no idea who his new famous guests would be yet, but was looking forward to finding out as he had loved his previous guests so much.

Talking about his favourites, he said: "There were lots... Lauren Bacall can come back any day of the week, she was smashing. They all had real stories to tell, just fascinating to listen to them. I was sitting there just thinking god, this is Humphrey Bogart's widow I'm talking to here at tea time, it's amazing."

Paul revealed he couldn't get over some of the famous people he rubbed shoulders with on the show: "You're going out for dinner with Cagney and Lacey, it's very weird."

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