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O'Grady's mum in "slave labour"

Paul O'Grady says Downton Abbey bears no resemblance to his mum's time as a servant.

The For The Love Of Dogs presenter took part in a documentary about the history of the working classes and spoke about his mum's degrading experiences, says The Sun.

And he said it was nothing like how servant life is depicted in ITV's hit period drama.

In BBC One's two-parter Paul O'Grady's Working Britain, he said: "My mother's experience of domestic service was nothing like Downton Abbey. It was humiliating, monotonous and akin to slave labour.

"She worked for a family in Hoxton and they believed in value for money. They worked them like slaves.

"My mother absolutely hated it. The working day of a maid started at 6am and she couldn't go to bed until everybody else was in bed. No matter how hard a maid worked, there was always more for a maid to do. And 'Her upstairs' was never satisfied."

In the series, Paul is also seen visiting the terraced streets in Birkenhead where he grew up and going down a coal mine.


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