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O'Leary: Cowell no Santa rival

Dermot O'Leary has said he is often left unimpressed by the Christmas gifts mega rich Simon Cowell gives his X Factor co-stars.

ITV show host Dermot said he had received some strange presents from the big boss over his years on the show, which ends this weekend.

He told TV Times: "I've received two gifts from Simon, both of which are extraordinary. One was a signed, framed picture of him, which my wife hides whenever workmen come to the house.

"Then one year he bought everyone Harrods Botox vouchers and gave them to us 30 seconds before we went live on air. I haven't cashed mine in."

A disgruntled Dermot added: "Once I tracked down a bottle of wine from the year of Simon's birth to give to him and I was really proud of it. But that was the year I received the signed picture, so I haven't put as much effort in since."

The presenter said he thought The X Factor had many more years left in it yet.

He explained: "The ratings aren't what they were in 2010 (the year One Direction competed), but they're still big. I've worked on shows that hardly anyone watched, so to do a programme that everyone knows is quite something.

"It can definitely carry on for years yet."


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