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Oliver: Takeaways aren't cheap

Jamie Oliver has said people are living under the illusion that eating a takeaway is cheap.

The TV star's new book Save With Jamie aims to offer people ideas and instructions to make quick, cheap, healthy meals averaging £1.32 per portion, and the chef is insistent that healthy food is not as expensive as people think.

Jamie said: "We're not trying to make the cheapest food on the planet, because that's boiling beans and rice, and that's not particularly nice. And I don't think that's where Britain is. But I wanted to do something that is easily half the price of a takeaway.

"I think if you look at the price of an average takeaway it's not cheap. Convenient it might be, but there's a lot of things that are quicker, lots more things that are a lot more nutritious, and a whole load of things that are half the price.

"If you think about a KFC bucket, or a Big Mac Meal or a pizza or something like that..."

The health food campaigner recently made the headlines for slamming people who ate junk food but still spent money on having a big TV.

Asked if he regretted his comments he said: "Yeah probably, because it's nice to have an easy life. I guess I should of known better. I pride myself on getting involved, getting my hands dirty, seeing both sides of the coin, and that's what I've spent the last 11 years doing. So in a way I should have known better.

"But the reaction is really divided.

"To the people who think I'm being patronising, rude, offensive, whatever, of course I apologise. But at the same time I said it because of my passion that the knowledge of how to cook is the biggest luxury of now."


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