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Olivia Wilde's son struggling to accept new baby sister

The 33-year-old actress welcomed her second child with partner Jason Sudeikis in October (16).

Olivia Wilde's three-year-old son Otis is struggling to accept eight-month-old sister Daisy into his family.

The 33-year-old actress welcomed her second child with partner Jason Sudeikis in October (16). And while she and Jason are enjoying being parents of two, their firstborn is finding it tough bonding with the new addition.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert recently, Olivia admitted that Otis keeps screaming "You don't live here" at baby Daisy.

"He's like a drill sergeant. I don't know who let him watch Full Metal Jacket, but he is so hard on her," she added. "He's really putting her through the works, it's boot camp. So she's going to come out of it really ripped and with a great attitude. But he screams!"

Growing up, Olivia didn't have an older brother, but she did have an older sister and younger brother. And there were no problems between Olivia and her siblings, which makes it all the more difficult for the actress to deal with her toddler's tantrums.

"I have an older sister who was so nice to me, so I'm not familiar with this," she explained. "But I have a little brother and I was nice to him. So I don't know. I think he's aware that he's sharing me with her because I'm on Broadway and as everyone who's in a play will tell you, you miss a lot of bedtimes and it's tough."

Olivia is currently being kept busy with her Broadway debut in 1984, a new adaptation of George Orwell's novel. She recently attended the Tony Awards in her new capacity as a stage actress, and told Stephen exactly what she loved the most about the world-famous award ceremony.

“The greatest thing about the Tonys is everyone who goes up onstage is so good at being onstage,” she explained. “Accepting an award, presenting an award, they’re just really really good at it. They have such presence. Movie and TV stuff it’s less so, it’s not what they do.”

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