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Ollie: I've got more confidence now

Ollie Locke has said his life has changed completely since he joined the cast of Made In Chelsea.

The reality TV star has been with the constructed reality show, about the lives of wealthy young west Londoners, since it first aired last year.

When asked how appearing on the programme has affected his life, Ollie revealed: "It's changed upside down. Completely upside down."

The fake-tan loving socialite said he had no regrets about signing up for the series, and insisted there were no signs of its popularity waning.

"It's already been commissioned for three more series, so you know what, as long as people keep watching it then we'll keep making it," he added.

"I think the whole world is obsessed with a stereotype of something, whether it's people from Chelsea or Essex or gypsy weddings. We're all nosy and we all want to see other people's business."

Ollie recently chopped off his long, glossy tresses after having surgery to have his ears pinned back.

Showing off a shorter, slicked back hairdo in the Virgin Media Louder Lounge at V Festival, he said: "My friend asked me am I like Samson now I've cut my hair and I said no, he lost something and I've gained something and that's confidence, a lot more of it."

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