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Omid: Larry David lulls me to sleep

Omid Djalili has revealed he watches Curb Your Enthusiasm nearly every night to lull him to sleep.

The comedian appeared alongside Larry David in the first episode of The Paul Reiser show, which has just been axed after just two episodes, and admitted how big a fan he is of Larry's show.

He said: "I watch it almost every night. I actually can't sleep unless I put it on. Even when I'm asleep I like to know the good stuff is going into my brain."

Omid added that Larry didn't realise the extent of his popularity in the UK.

He said: "Larry David is possibly one of the nicest people you could ever meet and was very happy to hear that people like his show here, he knows it's shown on cable but I don't think he's aware of how big it is. "

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