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One Show host Alex Jones gives birth to a baby boy

One Show host Alex Jones has given birth to a baby boy.

The BBC presenter shared her happy news with fans by tweeting that her son had arrived.

She wrote: "We are so happy to share the news that our beautiful baby boy was born on Sunday morning, 7lbs 11.

"Charlie and I are head over heels in love."

It is the 39-year-old's first child with partner Charlie Thomson.

The couple have not yet shared their son's name.

She also called work to let co-host Matt Baker know that the baby had arrived safe and well, with the call aired on live TV during this evening's One Show.

Jones said: "I do have some news - our beautiful, healthy little baby boy was born.

"We're absolutely delighted - we're completely in love with him. It's the most wonderful feeling."

She added: "We're a bit behind on the whole names thing."

Talking about the birth, Jones told viewers: "It was all very straightforward, Charlie was with me, Mum and Dad were in the waiting room because we didn't know whether it was a boy or a girl, so that was a lovely bit of news.

"The last four days have been heaven - we're in a bubble, the three of us, and it's just the best time."


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