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Orla enjoying Poirot adventure


Orla Brady said she's having a great time on Poirot

Orla Brady said she's having a great time on Poirot

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Orla Brady said she's having a great time on Poirot

Orla Brady has revealed how filming the new series of Poirot was tricky as almost every character has a different accent.

David Suchet stars as the famous Belgian detective and Orla is playing a Russian countess in one of the last few episodes being made by David to complete the TV adaptations of Agatha Christie's stories.

Orla revealed from the set: "I've spent a day being a Russian countess. You get to be these crazy European characters. Almost everyone in the entire cast - in fact I think there's just one actress whose character is just English and all the rest of us are French, Russian, German...

"We're all going round going, 'No we can't talk to each other' because we're all trying to hold our own accents and not pick up on anybody elses."

She added: "It's one of the last ones and I love doing it. It's a little piece of TV history. And with very good actors involved. David Suchet is completely spot on in character and I'm just enjoying it so much.

"There's this amazing costume designer Sheena Napier who's just won a Bafta for Parade's End.

"I'm in awe of what they do. She just comes in and puts you in something and completely transforms you. You barely need to do any work, you just stand differently because you have that on. It's wonderful."

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::Orla is starring with Jean Reno in new crime show JO about a maverick French cop in Paris. JO starts on Fox on Sunday, May 19 at 9pm.

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