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Osborne: I want to beat Whitehead

Dan Osborne has confessed that the thing he'd most like to do in the Splash! final is to beat Richard Whitehead - and he'll get an Olympic tattoo if he does.

The Only Way Is Essex star admitted he had no chance of winning, but he still felt competitive towards fellow finalists Richard, Perri Kiely and Keith Duffy.

He said: "When you're in the final with Perri who's just flinging around double somersaults and I'm struggling to get a tuck dive... so I don't think I'll win.

"I would love to win, it'd be amazing, especially just to beat Richard. It'd be the most amazing thing to beat an Olympian and if I do beat him I've promised to get an Olympic tattoo on my chest just like his.

"I was going to get a cross through it but I think I'd have every athlete hating me so I'll probably just get the Olympic one and just put 'Beat Richard' at the bottom of it. I've promised to get that even if I come third and he comes fourth - it's game on."

Dan joked: "If he beats me he's going to get a portrait of me on his back... you did promise that, didn't you? He's bottling it now, he's scared."

The reality TV star also gave some hints to Towie fans for what the new series would hold.

He said: "Towie, there's always drama, isn't there? There's relationships, there's end of relationships, there's getting with your mate's ex... I'm joking, I'm not getting with my mate's ex.

"There's always drama going on and everyone's got something to say about each other, so I'm sure there's going to be a lot of drama for everyone to look forward to seeing."

The Splash! final is on ITV on February 15.


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