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Osbourne head-butted by pet dog

Kelly Osbourne is nursing a sore jaw after being head-butted by her dog.

The singer and TV presenter told fans on Twitter that she was in pain after her pet bulldog William accidentally bashed her face.

She tweeted: "I have been punched in the face by men but nothing has hurt more than being head-butted in the jaw by my bulldog William! My teeth even hurt."

Kelly, who adopted the pooch earlier this year, later added: "Why do my ears hurt so much considering it was my jaw that got hit?"

A third tweet from the Fashion Police star read: "#IHaveASprainedJaw #ThisSucks."

Kelly, 28, seems to be having a run of bad luck as she also tweeted that she had broken the screen on her mobile phone.

"I need a new b****y phone my screen is broken I'm spelling everything wrong!" she wrote.


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