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Osman: Pointless provokes terror

Pointless co-host Richard Osman has revealed quiz show Pointless is so complicated he can "see the terror in peoples eyes."

The BBC quiz show - which is about to celebrate its 500th episode - is co-hosted by Alexandra Armstrong and challenges contestants to come up with the answers to a question that 100 people surveyed for the show did NOT get.

Osman revealed: "We see the terror in people's eyes. We have people on the show twice and it makes such a difference. Second time, they know where they are; they're calmer, they're much better. The first time round they're terrified.

"It's so difficult and that's why we're not mean to people if they give bad answers. Sometimes, if you've got an English student who's got a bad answer on literature, we'll comment on it but by and large you'll know the answer but your brain won't let you say it."

Osman, 42, came up with the idea for the show over four years ago, and never intended to be in front of the camera. He pitched the show to a panel of BBC daytime execs and acted out the role of co-host. They liked him so much they asked him to do it for real.

"I didn't seek it out, it was entirely accidental.

"I'd been behind the scenes for many years as a writer and producer. When they offered it to me, I thought it would be a very small thing tucked away in the afternoon and it wouldn't really do me much harm. Then it took off and suddenly 500 episodes later, it's on BBC One and all this nonsense."

:: The 500th episode of Pointless is on BBC One on Thursday, June 6


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