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Osman surprised by acting role

Richard Osman has admitted that he agreed to take part in Not Going Out as a favour to friend Lee Mack - but had no idea it would involve actually acting.

Pointless co-hosts Richard and Alexander Armstrong feature in a fictional episode of the quiz show as part of Lee's sitcom, but Richard found himself with more lines to learn than expected.

He told TV Times: "Lee suggested it very delicately and I'm such a fan of his that I didn't need any persuading. However, I didn't realise I was going to be in it quite so much.

"I was happy to sit behind my desk and say, 'This is round two,' but when I looked at the script I thought, 'Hold on, there's stuff here with me chatting to contestants backstage and going to the loo.'

"It was great fun though, and a brilliant team of people just told me what to do. I kept telling them to treat me like an idiot, and to their credit, they did."

Richard continued: "I was in such terror throughout - even though I was playing myself, I just kept thinking, 'How do I act?' Xander is an actor, so it was easier for him.

"I loved doing Not Going Out and I really appreciate Lee asking us, but I'm not thinking I'd like a role in the next Bond film."


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