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Outnumbered children 'like family'

Outnumbered star Tyger Drew-Honey has said his on-screen siblings have become like a real brother and sister to him.

The 15-year-old actor, who plays sulky teenager Jake in the award-winning BBC comedy, is an only child. And though he revealed Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez, who play Ben and Karen, annoy him, he admitted he still loves them.

Tyger said: "I know Jake gets annoyed by Ben, but I get annoyed by Dan, the actor who plays him. All the kids have the same sort of relationship as our characters do."

He went on: "They're both lovely, but we work together for seven weeks at a time with two days off a week and we're with each other the whole time.

"So we've become really close, obviously we're going to have arguments and stuff, but it's like an actual brotherly and sisterly relationship. There's the love but also the annoyance and stuff."

The teen star also revealed the new series of Outnumbered, which returns in the autumn, will see Jake show a rebellious side.

Tyger said: "Jake becomes quite a bit more mature, he has another crush, you get to see quite a few of his friends, there's a storyline circling him. He's an interesting character this season.

"He is a bit of a rebel. He goes against his parents in this one."

Tyger launched the 2011 Bafta Young Game Designers competition at London's Westfield shopping centre on Tuesday.

Young people aged 11-16 can submit their designs for a new game, in teams of three, with the winning team announced at the British Academy Children's Awards in November.


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