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Packham's bungled bee beard selfie

Chris Packham has told how his attempt at a bee beard selfie went terribly wrong.

The wildlife TV presenter is currently fronting BBC Two show, Hive Alive, which films what a hive of honeybees get up to and talked about his own experiences of bee keeping - or rather, bee herding.

Asked if he had a bee hive at home, he said: "I'm not a bee keeper, but I've had a bees' nest for seven years. So I don't keep them, they look after themselves, but I make sure they're OK.

"They're nesting in the cladding on my garage and they've fluxed and flowed in their fortunes over the seven years, but they're prospering at the moment, I've got a vigorous hive of bees there."

Chris, who also narrates Disney Junior's show Wildlife Jack, admitted: "Occasionally they swarm, I've had them swarm in the garden and I did that thing where you pick them up and put them on your face. I was trying to do a sort of bee beard for a selfie.

"Unfortunately, it just went all over my face and I couldn't see out. But yeah, they're brilliant, I like bees very, very much."

He said of Hive Alive, the second part of which is due on air on July 22: "It's not principally about the conservation of bees, nor their plight - it's about the remarkable things these insects get up to.

"We've got cameras and microphones in there, we've got scales underneath it so we can see how much honey they're adding every day, so it's the biology of the honeybee as we know it now."


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