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Paddy: Hard to leave kids for work

Paddy McGuinness has admitted it is "hard to leave" his children while he's working.

The Take Me Out host and his model wife Christine Martin welcomed twins Leo Joseph and Penelope Patricia in July and Paddy hinted that being a dad could make him rethink his career.

Paddy told the Mirror he's a "very hands-on father", and added: " It's amazing and brilliant to now be a dad. The only trouble is I took two-three months off to be at home and now with things starting again it's hard to leave.

"But like any working parent if you don't work then your mortgage doesn't get paid. It will be hard leaving them but it will only be two-three nights. I think at the age they are at now it's easier because they aren't aware because they're so young. The hard part is on yourself because you miss them.

"I think the hardest part will be when they are about five years old and they go, 'Oooh you're not going are you daddy?' and you're like, 'Oh god...'."

Asked whether he might think about quitting in a few years, he replied: " I don't know, I'll have to sort of cross that bridge when I get to it. For now I'm not tarmacing roads so I have a good job but sometimes it does take me away a couple of nights a week. Take Me Out takes up the most time as we film one of those a day but I love it."

Paddy also revealed he is usually happier being at home with his family than at showbiz events.

"Regardless of the kids I've always struggled being away from home so as soon as I finish work I go home," said the 40-year-old. "I used to love going out in London when I was single and did Phoenix Nights - and I still do every now and again - but as you get older you still like a drink and a laugh with friends but you focus a bit more on the more important things. "


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