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Paddy: It's mad that show is so big

Paddy McGuinness has admitted he's still blown away when he hears people uttering his catchphrases.

The Take Me Out host has become well-known for his sayings, such as "no likey, no lighty" and "let the hanky see the panky", and confessed he is still stunned that his catchphrases have become part of the nation's vocabulary.

He said: "I still remember how nerve-racking it was doing the first show. It was my first time presenting on prime time Saturday night and I can't ever watch it again because I think I was so bad on it.

"But it does sometimes take my breath away, how big it is now.

"It's like, blimey, everyone seems to know 'let the pina see the colada' and 'let the onion see the bhaji', and you think, all of that came out of my tiny, little mind. It's mad really."

Paddy, 41, said he thinks the show has taken off because it's both fun and honest.

"I don't rehearse with the girls so I never know beforehand what they're going to come out with or what will happen," said the comedian.

"It was incredible that for the last series we had 35,000 applicants apply within a week of advertising for entrants, and we can claim it's the most successful show ever.

"Blind Date ran for 11 years and had one wedding, but we've been on four years and had two weddings, a third's coming this year and two kids have been born."

A seventh series of Take Me Out will be aired in 2015.

:: Paddy McGuinness is encouraging smokers to take part in this year's Stoptober challenge and quit for 28 days from October 1. For information visit


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