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Paddy McGuinness's dating tip: Lie!

Paddy McGuinness has joked that his dating tip to his single mates is: "Lie through your teeth."

The comedian hosts dating show Take Me Out and says that, while he is no matchmaker in real life, he does have a few words of advice for his single mates.

"I'd say, 'Lie through your teeth'. Because if you're honest and say, 'I like playing XBox and drinking' I don't think the girls would like that. The girls don't want to hear that. Don't talk about Call Of Duty."

But the Max And Paddy star - known for his catchphrase 'no likey, no lighty' has more practical advise for nervous singles on his show.

"I always tell the lads, 'Look, when you first come out, before you say your name give the girls a little compliment, introduce yourself, and don't be overly cocky because I tell you what, it won't matter if Brad Pitt walked out that lift, if the guy's cocky the girls will just turn their lights off'."

:: Take Me Out starts on Saturday, January 7 on ITV1.


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