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Palin: Lure of road always there

Michael Palin has admitted he still has a few places on his world map he would like to tick off.

The 71-year-old actor , writer, comedian and TV presenter - who recently appeared in spooky BBC drama Remember Me - has journeyed all over the world for his travel documentary series, and would like to film more.

Michael said: " I love travelling and people from all over the world say come back and see us, in India or Nepal or somewhere like that."

He went on: "There are one or two places like Madagascar and New Guinea, places where really life goes on as it has done for thousand of years, it's not the modern world in quite the way it is. It's fascinating and interesting to see how people still live like that. So I'd like to go to those places.

"But similarly a lot of the places I've been to before I'd like to go back to. We only skimmed the surface of Brazil. Peru is a wonderful country too. Travelling through Africa, I loved.

"So there are plenty of places I could go back to. The lure of the road is always there."

Remember Me is available on DVD and iTunes from ITV Studios Global Entertainment.


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