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Paloma: I wear ridiculous clothes

Paloma Faith has admitted she wears "ridiculous" clothes.

The Stone Cold Sober singer took to the stage at V Festival this weekend, and dressed in a long scarlet fringed gown for her performance at Chelmsford before switching to a bizarre hippo outfit backstage, and told Absolute Radio she needs to be brave to wear her outfits.

"I think a lot of it is to do with guts and just seeing something ridiculous and saying 'yeah, I'll wear it'," she laughed.

And while the songstress is open to wearing most strange ensembles, she said she would draw the line at tracksuits.

"I wouldn't say no to anything sort of weird, but I'd always say no to things like a pink velour tracksuit, Juicy Couture sort of thing, or shellsuit or bumbag," she said.

Paloma may also be an actress as well as an established singer, having appeared in Terry Gilliam's The Imagiarium Of Doctor Parnassus last year - and she also revealed she has dancing and comedy up her sleeve.

"I always felt happiest on stage, but I thought originally I was going to be a dancer and then I didn't really think about singing," she said of her childhood. "I mean, I used to do it for fun, but I didn't really commit to it until about six years ago."

:: Absolute Radio are broadcasting live from V Festival. Log on to for exclusive interviews.


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