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Paltrow: My marriage is not perfect

Gwyneth Paltrow has spoken out about her marriage to Chris Martin, saying "it's not perfect".

The Oscar-winning actress and the Coldplay frontman, who have been together since 2002, have always made an effort to keep their relationship out of the public eye, but Gwyneth opened up to Easy Living magazine.

She said: "Chris and I have our ups and downs - a long relationship takes a lot of twists and turns. We both have a lot going on so we just have to make it work.

"I am very happy to support anything that Chris is doing and vice versa.

"I think the reason it's worked so far is because we are very open with each other and communicate well. We try and make life as normal as possible."

The Hollywood star said cooking helps to keep her feeling grounded.

She said: "My life can be so surreal sometimes - to be in the kitchen with things that are routine and mundane make me feel good. I have this thing where I always throw a dishcloth over my shoulder when I cook. Actually, Brad Pitt's mum taught me that and it's the best tip anyone's ever given me."

When she is not busy acting, singing, writing her own cookery books and guest starring on Glee, Gwyneth is a devoted mother to Apple, seven, and five-year-old Moses.

She said: "I think in many ways I'm a traditional wife. I believe that I have a responsibility to make a home and protect my family.

"We co-parent. We do it together. I don't know what the word 'strict' means. We have a wonderful garden and a little vegetable patch and a swing."


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