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Paltrow shocks audience by swearing

Gwyneth Paltrow shocked US TV audiences by uttering an expletive to describe her late grandmother.

The Country Strong and Glee actress was talking to Chelsea Handler on her talk show Chelsea Lately when she used the c-word.

Chelsea started by saying she, like Gwyn, had a nasty nan called 'Mutti'.

Gwyneth replied to say: "Mine was a c***!"

The audience laughed and gasped, and Gwyneth went on to describe why she didn't like the mother of her actress mum Blythe Danner.

She said: "She just hated my guts, basically, and she tried to poison my mother against me but it didn't work because I have a great mother. She was just tough, she was tough."

She went on: "You look back and you think she must not have been very happy and she must have had a lot of pain because she was as mean as hell."


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