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Pam and Strictly partner misbehave

Pamela Stephenson and partner James Jordan turned things upside down as they rehearsed for Strictly Come Dancing - when she lifted him.

The pair are doing an energetic Charleston to the song Let's Misbehave for Saturday night's show which involved some tricky lifts.

And it was Pamela rather than James who was doing the hard work as she summoned up the strength to flip him over during their routine.

It comes after he almost dropped her during training last week, so the spins could have been a chance for her to get her own back.

And Jordan admitted he was struggling to pluck up the courage to put himself in her hands.

He said, as they rehearsed: "I'm scared. I can't do this. I really hate this. I'll fall on my head."

Funnywoman turned psychologist Pamela reassured him: "What's the worst that can happen? Trust me, trust me, I will not drop you on your head."

But she added: "I love the power."


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