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Pamela Anderson writing self-help book

The star wants youths to put their phones down and learn to accept themselves for who they are.

Pamela Anderson wants to help young fans embrace the skin they're in by writing a new self-help guide.

The Baywatch actress and model, 50, admits she is concerned about how much youths rely on social media 'likes' for validation, and while she used to think sites like Twitter and Instagram were "crap", she has now decided to use the popularity of her accounts for a real purpose, like her protests against fur and animal abuse, instead of self-promotion.

"It's not for personal reasons, but all the things I believe in," she tells W magazine. "That's the difference."

And she is eager to teach youngsters all about building up their self-confidence by urging them to put their phones down.

"I worry about young people whose self-worth is based on how many followers they have or how many likes they have," she says. "That's why I'm writing a book right now called The Sensual Revolution which is about desensitisation.

"It's just amazing, the statistics and what people are going through right now, and how young people are experiencing fame in this bizarre way."

Pamela, a mother of two boys, reveals she has practised disconnecting from the Internet in her personal life, once going six months without using a computer or cell phone, while she once even turned down a film project because producers made reference to her social media following in her contract.

The Sensual Revolution won't be Pamela's first book venture - she previously penned fiction releases Star: A Novel and Star Struck, and co-wrote 2015's Raw, a collection of poetry and stories about sex and romance.

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