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'Paradise' for Miller, not Stiller

Death in Paradise star Ben Miller ended up staying in a "lavish" five star hotel after he was mistaken for his near-namesake Ben Stiller during a visit to a prestigious film festival.

The actor, famous for his double-act with Alexander Armstrong, was put in the room intended for the Hollywood star whose films include Zoolander and There's Something About Mary and stayed there for three days.

Ben told the story to comic Alan Davies during filming for the next series of his chat show on the comedy channel Dave.

Alan said: "He went to the Cannes Film Festival, he was involved in a movie, he got met, he got taken to a hotel and he had been mistaken for Ben Stiller.

"He got shown into Ben Stiller's suite which had a lavish smorgasbord of culinary delights from around the world and mountains of champagne and all that, realised the mistake and invited all his friends that were there and stayed in the suite for three days.

"When Ben Stiller eventually turned up, the hotel were too embarrassed to throw Ben Miller out".


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