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Paris Jackson: My dad inspired me

Paris Jackson has revealed her late father Michael inspired her to pursue a movie career - and helped her perfect her acting skills.

The 13-year-old, who will make her movie debut playing the heroine in fantasy movie Lundon's Bridge And The Three Keys, got the acting bug after watching her pop superstar dad in the 1988 film Moonwalker.

"When I was really little, because my dad was in the movie Moonwalker, I knew he could sing really well but I didn't know he could act. I saw it and went, 'Wow, I want to be just like him'," Paris said on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"We did improvising together and he would give us little scenarios, he would go, 'In this scene you're going to cry' and I'd cry on the spot."

Paris also said she was able to enjoy a degree on anonymity when she started attending regular school because of her father's decision to put his three children in masks.

She said of the masks: "I was like, 'This is stupid, why I am I wearing a mask' but I kind of realised when I got older I got that he only tried to protect us and he explained that to us too."

The teenager added: "When I came to (school) they didn't know who I was, I was like, 'Yes, I've got a chance to be normal'."

The Jackson family apparently wanted Paris to wait until she turned 18 before launching her acting career, but she's said to have persuaded her grandmother Katherine, 81, as the film had a message close to her late father's heart.

The fantasy movie is based on a book by Dennis H Christen about the love of family and the strength it brings.

Profits from the film will apparently go to US schools.


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