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Pasha Kovalev raises eyebrows with risque contribution on Countdown

Strictly Come Dancing star Pasha Kovalev managed to embarrass girlfriend Rachel Riley during an appearance on Countdown.

The professional dancer suggested the seven-lettered "phallus" from dictionary corner during Tuesday afternoon's show.

After the two contestants managed just one five-letter word between them, Kovalev said: "There's a little bit of a longer word ... It's seven, and it's phallus."

The high-scoring word left Riley smirking but made more of an impact on presenter Nick Hewer.

Hewer said: "very good, all right" to giggles from the audience before adding: "Sorry I was just a bit stunned for a second, thank you very much for that Pasha."

The incident sparked jokes across social media, with Clive Batten writing on Twitter that Riley "just had to deal with Pasha's phallus".

Another user, @BrokenBiros, added: "I won Countdown by 8 points today but I didn't get 'phallus' (the story of my life)."


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