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Patrick Bergin's saucy Irish jig takes web by storm

Patrick Bergin coverts with scantily clad dancers in the video
Patrick Bergin coverts with scantily clad dancers in the video

By Ciaran Byrne

It's been dubbed Riverdance on crack. Now an Irish-inspired jig set to the thudding beat of dance music is on course to become a UK number one.

And the performance of actor Patrick Bergin as a leprechaun spoofing an Irish reel has become a global internet phenomenon in itself.

Dancing what is generously described as an Irish jig, the actor dressed up as a leprechaun for the dance song 'Paddy's Revenge.'

Bergin (57) is no stranger to the music scene; in 2004 he sang 'I'm a Knacker' -- an unlikely hit which appalled some because of its un-PC title and others for its lack of musical merit.

This time, surrounded by a number of burlesque dancers, Bergin's unsteady turn as an Irish rascal with a pot of gold has already attracted almost 150,000 YouTube hits.

And the song, with a faint Oirish whiff (well, a smattering of the accordion, anyway) has led to dozens of copycat dance performances on the internet.

One, featuring three men in a late-night visit to a fast-food shop, shows the group dancing to the song.

British DJ Steve Mac, who has produced records for Westlife, said the track was a remix of 'Music for a Found Harmonium', recorded by traditional Irish band Patrick Street.

"I took it home, messed about with it on my laptop and got a really good groove going on it so I went into the studio the next day and just did it," he said yesterday.

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"When I finished it I sat back and listened to it and thought: 'This is a monster of a record'."

The industry magazine 'Music Week' has tipped the song to become UK number one in the next few weeks after its official release yesterday.

Promoter James Hamilton said the saucy three-minute video was shot in London. Bergin agreed to star in it after meeting Steve Mac in Brighton.

He told the Irish Indepednent: "He was great fun on the day and really got into the character, including the dancing. It was after the DJ Pete Tong played it on BBC Radio One that the thing really took off.

The actor, who starred with Julia Roberts in the 1991 film 'Sleeping With The Enemy', joked the video was "every man's fantasy".

He said: "It's a cross between 'Gangs of New York' and an overgrown, manic, fiddle-playing leprechaun with pots of gold and scantily clad girls -- every man's dream."

But not everyone is amused. After Sky News featured the song yesterday, one contributor said: "Shame on you. Why do people think they can refer to Irish people as Paddys? We Irish are always up for a bit of craic but the joke is just not funny any more."

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