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Patrick Kielty: I may be punching above weight with wife Cat, but I’d never smack another comedian


Patrick Kielty and Cat Deeley. Credit: Charley Gallay

Patrick Kielty and Cat Deeley. Credit: Charley Gallay

Patrick Kielty and Cat Deeley. Credit: Charley Gallay

Patrick Kielty reckons he punched above his weight by marrying Cat Deeley.

But the comic insisted he would never smack a comic who made fun of the blonde — unlike Will Smith.

Co Down-born Paddy (51) joked when asked if he is still “pinching” himself after marrying Cat: “She’s still pinching herself, isn’t she?”

But he added: “The key to life is to find someone out of your league and convince them they aren’t.”

Paddy was then asked by an interviewer in a chat for London’s Metro paper if he would punch Chris Rock if he had mocked Cat in the same way actor Will Smith had attacked the stand-up comic at the Oscars for making a gag about about his partner Jada.

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Paddy, who married former telly presenter Cat (45) in September 2012, replied: “I wouldn’t punch any comedians!

“I set up Belfast’s first comedy club and actually did satire in Belfast about people that still had guns and nobody used violence towards me so let’s just put that in context.

“Even in a city of violence, people were allowed to tell jokes. I’m still trying to get my head around the Oscars thing, to be honest.”

The comic said his new tour Borderline was named after the 1983 Madonna song instead of being a reference to politics.

He joked: “The thing about it was I couldn’t really crowbar in any type of political comment on a tour called Vogue, so I felt Borderline was an easier fit. It’s a very long tour.”

But Paddy, who will be on tour until July, said it will also address his childhood in Northern Ireland and a Britain still divided by Brexit. He said: “This is a lot more autobiographical than anything I’ve done before. I look back on growing up in Northern Ireland as a kid, I look back on the fun stuff as a kid, some of the sad stuff as a kid.”

The “sad stuff” is likely to include how Paddy’s businessman father Jack Kielty was shot dead in 1988 aged 45 by the UDA.

Paddy has said he is still battling to “move on and build a better future” after his father’s shooting.

Paddy said on about the tour’s material: “It’s the story of the realisation that a binary society coming together in peace was more of a big deal than maybe I thought it was at the time.

“Sometimes when you live through stuff, you don’t really appreciate it until you look back… I used to think that Northern Ireland was a bats*** crazy kind of place and now I look back and realise it was ordinary, decent people trying to live through bats*** crazy times.”

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